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Points and Line Segment

We identify a Point with a number or letter. A point
has no length or width; it just specifies an exact

Examples: Points

geometry points

Endpoint? Is a point used to define a
Line Segment, Ray or line. A line
segment has two endpoints, a ray
has one and a line can have many.


Line Segments
Line Segment - A straight path with two points. 
The two points is the end points of the line
segment. A line segment does not extend forever, 
but has two distinct endpoints

Example of a line segment

geometry line segment

The end points are given letters for names. For
example, the line segment above with the letters X
and Y has two names, line segment XY or line
segment YX

line segment symbol

                              note: line segments can only have two names.


More examples of a line segments

line segments