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Finding the Volume of a Rectangular Prism

A Rectangular Prism looks like a box and has a
3-dimensional (3D) shape.

The formulas for volume of a Rectangular Prism is
v = l * w * h  or  v = b * h

v is the volume
l is the length of the base.
w is the width of its base.
h is the height
b is the area of its base


Example: find the volume of the Rectangular Prism

volume of a rectangular prism

Formulas is v = L * w * h
l = 6 cm
w = 4 cm
h = 5 cm
v = 6 * 4 * 5 = 120 cm


You can find the volume of a prism by counting  
unite cubes.
Example: the volume of this prism is 20 cubic centimeter (cm).

rectangular prism cubic unit

There are two layer with 10 cubes in each layer. The
volume is 20 cubic centimeter or 20 cm