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Plotting Ordered Number Pairs on a Coordinate Grid

An ordered pair is a pair of numbers use to name
points on coordinate grid. The two numbers are
called the 'coordinates' of the point.

The first coordinate is the horizontal called the 'x' 
The second is the vertical is called the 'y' 

The point (0,0) is called the 'origin'

Example: Locate the point: (4,2) on graph grid

plotting ordered number pairs

1: Locate 4 on the horozontal

2: Locate 2 on the vertical axes

In the diagram above, the point (4, 2) meet at the
intersection of the two lines marked with a red dot. 
The coordinates of this point are 4 and 2.


Note: The order pair (4,2) above does not name the
same point as the ordered pair (2,4) below.

points on a grid