Solving Percent Problems Using the Percent Box

Percent Box

The percent box takes the mystery out of finding where to put
each of the
numbers in a percent problem.

The main box is divided into four squares.
The upper left square is marked

percent box

The lower left square is marked “of/whole”. The upper right
square is
marked “percent”. Finally, the bottom right square is always
filled in with “100”.

After placing the numbers in the appropriate squares, cross-
multiply the numbers
in the two filled-in squares that are diagonal from each other. 
Divide the answer
by the leftover number.


Finding the Part using the percent Box

finding the part using percent box

Finding the percent using the percent Box

finding the percent using percent box

Finding the whole using the percent Box

finding the whole using percent box

Finding Percent of Increase OR Decrease

percent increase and decrease

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