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Percent of Increase or Decrease example word problems


Finding Percent of Increase

Last year there where 150  kids in my son school. I
recently heard that the school size  have grown by
10% this year. What is the present size of the school.

Find the actual amount of the increase.
multiply 10% by 150

.10 x 150 = 15 increase

Add the old School size plus the increase 150 + 15 = 165

The school School now have 165 kids.


Finding Percent of Decrease

Last month you made 300 dollars selling books. 
This month you only made 185 dollars.

What is the percent of decrease?

First find the total lost.

300 - 185 = 115

115 is the decrease from the original amount of 300.

Divide the amount of decrease by the original amount

You can use a calculator

185 x 300 = 0.61666666

Round the number

0.61666666 = 0.62

Convert from decimal to percent by moving the decimal point
two places to the left and adding the percent sign.

0.62 = 62%