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Meaning of percent What is a Percent?

Percent means "per one hundred" The Symbol for
percent is %

For example, suppose there are 100 students
enrolled in a lecture class. If only 63 attend the
lecture, then 63 per 100 students showed up. This
means 63% of the students attended the lecture.

If we take a closer look at this, we can see that the
fraction of the students that attended the lecture is
63/100, and this fraction can be expressed as 0.63.

63% is the same as 63/100
63% is the same as 0.63

This example shows how decimals, fractions, and
percents are closely related. In fact, they can each be used
to represent the same information


Meaning Percent
A percent is a ratio of a number to 100. A percent can be
expressed using the percent symbol %.

Example: 10 percent or 10% are both the same, and stand
for the ratio 10:100.