Place value

Place Value By Four  Digit Numbers

Place value of whole numbers -Thousands, Hundreds, tens, And Ones

Place Values - Place Value up to a thousand

Thousands, Hundreds, tens, And Ones

Each number in a four  digit number has a different  
place value.
example: The number 4,276  The  4 is in the
thousands  place. It tells you there is 4 sets of one
thousand  in the thousand place.
1000+1000+1000+1000 = 4000    

The 2 is in  the hundreds place.  It tells you that
there are 2 sets of hundreds in the hundreds place.
100+100 = 200

The 7 is in the ten's  place. It tells you there are 7
ten's in the ten's  place.
the 6 is in the ones place. It tells you there are 6
ones in the ones place

4000+200+70+6 = 4,276
4 2 7 6
I  |  |  |__ones place
I  |  |_________tens place
I  |________________hundreds place
I__________________ thousands place


Place values chart

place values of numbers

The Number 4,276 written in three forms

writing numbers

The number  4,276 Illustrated using Base Ten

place value with base ten blocks

                                                Base Ten Blocks