Place value

Place Values By Five  Digit Numbers

Ten thousands, Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones

Place Values by 5 digit   numbers - Ones to ten Thousands

Each number in a five  digit number has a different  
place value
example: The number 42,365

The 4 is in the ten thousands  place. It tells you there is 4
sets of ten  thousand  in the ten thousand place.

10,000+10,000+10,000+10,000 = 40,000  

The 2 is in  the thousands place.  It tells you that there are
2 sets of thousand in the thousands place.
1000+1000 = 2000

The 3 is in the hundreds place. It tells you there
are 3 sets of hundreds in the hundreds place.

The 6 is in the tens place. It tells you there are 6 sets of
tens in the tens place

The 5 is in the ones place. It tells you there are 5
ones in the ones place
1+1+1+1+1= 5

40,000 + 2000 + 300 + 60 + 5 = 42,365


The number 42,365 on a place value chart

place value up to ten thousands

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