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The value of a digit depends on its place in a number. This
is its place value. 

The numbers in a three digit number all a different  place value.

Example: The number 425  The 4 is in the hundred place. It tells
you there are 4 sets of one hundred  in the hundred place.
100+100+100+100 = 400    

The 2 is in  the tens place.  It tells you that there are 2 sets of
tens in the tens place.
10+10 = 20

The last or right digit is the ones place. It tells you there are 5
ones in the ones place.
1+1+1+1+1 = 5

400+20+5 = 425


4 2 5
|  |  |__ones place
|  |_________tens place
|________________hundreds place

place value hundreds tens ones

The number 425 on a place value chart


The number 425 written in all three forms

place value by three numbers