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Regular polygons Chart

Polygons Name by Sides


regular polygons

definition of a Regular Polygon:  A polygon in which all
angles and sides are equal.


Irregular Polygon?  Definition: Any polygon that is
not a regular polygon. A polygon whose sides are
not all the same length or whose interior angles do
not all have the same measure.

                                                                   Irregular Polygon

irregular polygon

                                                          The figure to the left is pentagon because it has five
                                                        sides. But it is irregular because all the sides are not
                                                        equal length.


                                      Printable List of Polygons 1-20 (PDF)

regular polygon chart

Sides Name

3 Triangle

4 Quadrilateral

5 Pentagon

6 Hexagon

7 Heptagon

8 Octagon

9 Nonagon

10 Decagon

11 Undecagon

12 Dodecagon