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Roman Numerals

Roman numerals is the numeral system of ancient
Rome (B.C period, meaning before Chris in the
10th century ). It uses letters from the Latin
alphabet to signify values.

Example:  The numbers 1 through 10 written in Roman numerals

I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X


Zero? Roman numerals does not include a zero.


The Roman numerals we use today  are based on seven symbols

seven symbols roman numeral chart

This chart shows the seven symbol

Numbers are formed by combining symbols
together and adding the values.

Example:  the number 6 = V L, the number 10 = X and
the number 11 =  XL


When smaller values precede larger values, the smaller values are
subtracted from the larger values, and the result is added to the
total. For  example: LV = (5 − 1) = 4


Roman Numerals for Numbers 1 to 50

roman numerals to 50