Rounding and Estimating

Rounding Decimal Numbers to the Nearest Ten Thousandth

Rounding Decimal to the Nearest Ten Thousandth place.

If less than 5, round down. If 5 or greater, round

Example: Round 2.47865 to nearest ten thousandth.

The 6 is in the ten thousandth place.

rounding to ten thousandth

Look at the digit to the immediate right of the ten
thousandth place.

The digit is 5, so round up. Add 1 to the 6 = 7

Change any digit to right of the number you are
rounding to zeros.  2.47870

See the example on the place value chart below.

rounding to ten thousandth-2.jpg

2.47865 to nearest ten thousandth is 2.47870

What if Number to the right of the thousandth
digit was 4.
Since 4 is less than 5 we round down and leave
the ten thousandth place digit unchanged.

Example: 2.47864 rounded to nearest ten
thousandth is 2.47860